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Pastor Daniel Doh (PhD) has been in ministry for over 23 years.


Originally from the Assemblies of God Church (AOG) in Ghana, Pastor Daniel has held several leadership positions in ministry, including serving as a campus ministry President at the University of Ghana.


He has been instrumental in church planting across Ghana and in Australia.


As a skilled teacher of the word of God, Pastor Daniel has also been gifted with strong prophetic insight. He has ministered on several local and international platforms and is passionate about raising Kingdom-minded individuals who make significant contributions to society by drawing a balance between the spiritual and the physical. He often says: “we pray as much as we work” as a way of emphasising the importance of striking that balance.


Pastor Daniel moved to Sydney in 2019 from Perth and joined hands to uplift the new work of God through the Freedom Centre International (FCI) - headquartered in the United Kingdom.


FCI is a vibrant spirit-filled ministry, recasting the image of God across the Oceania and Pacific Regions.


Pastor Daniel is married to his wife Yvonne and together they are the proud parents of 3 wonderful children.

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